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States Here We Come!

Good evening rowing family.

Well it is almost here. The boys are almost ready. Every day they are a bit closer. I think that they are all excited with the opportunity to go racing this weekend. It has been fun watching them build up over these last 3 weeks.

There have been a few changes. Because of injuries, the 4th boat will not be able to row as an eight. Instead, we hope to enter a Junior 4. This will give them the chance for a lot of racing. That boat will have the following boys.

Bow: Thomas Brumback, 2: Aaron Huang 3: Parker Joyce Stroke: Mark Parent Cox: Copper Lindsey

Spare: Johnny Rukab ( we plan to get Johnny in at least one of the races)

So let's hope for fair weather and following seas, or at least a tailwind. It will be fun. The boats are all moving well and there is a very positive feeling in the boathouse.

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