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24 Hours Later...

Well here we are 24 hours later. I write to you now because it will be difficult for me to say things on Wednesday night. It has been a great year on the river in so many ways. We won some races and the boys did a great job in Sarasota, but more importantly, they grew as young men. It was wonderful to see them make the commitment to the sport and to each other. It was wonderful to see them take pride in how they handled the equipment and how they cared for the boathouse. They bonded with each other and cared for each other. And most importantly, they had fun.

There are awards and prizes, but how do you pick out one when so many are deserving. Our sport is all about the team and the common goal. It is not about individual statistics. You do your job and support the others in your boat. You trust each other and help each other through the tough times. We had seniors who have set a great example and who have established the culture of the program. We have young guys who are always there doing the little extra things because they have learned that these are things that need to be done. An official at States commented on how orderly our trailer looked and it is because of the little things that so many of the kids did. They also commented on how good our kids were when they were going through the check-our to be launched. A number of other coaches passed on any number of good things about our boys and what great competitors they were and what nice kids they were.

So thank you for sharing your boys with us. You give up a lot and put a great deal into the program. The Episcopal Rowing family is a wonderful thing. Thank you to the parents of the seniors. We will miss them and you.

Now everyone take a bit of time off. Rest up, recharge and get ready for next year. It will be fun.


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