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Tri-Meet Regatta, Spring Break, Senior Recognition, Q&A

Hi all rowing parents,


This week, ESJ rows against Pinecrest and Bolles. For the new parents, this regatta is for fun, trophies, and a year of bragging rights. Trophies are given to the top MV1 and WV1 boats only.

Sorry for the delay with information and change in signup genius. One of the other teams had a huge scheduling issue that delayed our end. If you signed up to help, please check the signup genius for time changes.

Should be beautiful weather. The upper boat rowers need to arrive at 7am and middle school boat rowers 9:30am. Races start at 9:30 with the MV1 race and ends at 11:30 with some exciting middle school races against Bolles.

After the regatta, all of the upper boat rowers will be expected to head to the boathouse to unload the trailer. Coach Alton assures me that it will be quick. We also need a few parents to help unload the hospitality trailer. This is great for the parents that have to go the boathouse to pick up their kids. We don't typically unload the hospitality trailer on Saturday but no one wants to go over during Spring Break. If you can help, please sign up through the signup genius.


We are changing things up a little this week with food to give our kids a break from pasta and chicken. The kids will have Moe's Friday night and sandwich wraps during the regatta. All kids rowing in the regatta are expected to stay for the Moe's night.


If you took our new black tablecloth home to wash, could you please bring it back so we can use it please? Thank you for washing it.

Spring Break Practice

Middle school boats - NONE - enjoy your spring break.

Boys upper school boats - Times are subject to change and they will adjust somewhat. Kids did have a say in the times but not how long. The kids will know what's going on and they will also text you.

Wednesday - 2:45-5pm

Thursday - 8am-10ish break for lunch 12 to 1:30 If your kid doesn't drive or have a ride for lunch, you can either send lunch and let them hang out or pick them up and take them out and have them back by 11:45. Same for Friday.

Friday - Time to be determined. They will either start at 8am or 10am. Its up to the boys. They will have a second session after lunch.

Girls upper school boats - Monday through Wednesday 8-11

Senior Recognition

Senior recognition has been changed from this weekend to April 1. There were a number of seniors that couldn't make it and two of our banners are missing.

March 25 Deerfield Academy race - US Boys only

So far the boats definitely going to UCF are the boy's boats 1,2, & 3. They are still working of the other two boats based on who can be there. The boys will take a bus down at 7am and return the same day. Since this is a quick turnaround, it's a kids only trip. We will only have drinks for them and the coaches will do the rest. I will know more later next week.

Rowing Questions & Answers

Q: What is a 2K test and why is my child FREAKING out about it?

A: A 2K test is the standard method of comparing the speed/power of various rowers; it is sort of the SAT of rowing. It is a test of how fast a rower can go 2000 meters on a rowing machine. Although a good 2K time does not guarantee that someone will be a good rower on the water – it is indicative of their power which is a very critical element of rowing.

Rowers often dread it because, first, it is HARD. Rowers are expected to give it everything they have – imagine sprinting for seven to ten minutes! Second, it is fairly public – your teammates know how well or poorly you do. Finally, it is a key element in how coaches evaluate rowers and is used by them to help determine what boats rowers will be placed in. Although a 2k test is very challenging for rowers, the work they do every day at practice is greater. So, the work your rower does every day at practice is preparing them to the best of their ability to handle the rigors of this race distance.

Q: What’s a PR?

A: PR is an abbreviation for Personal Record. It refers to the best time a rower has gotten on the erg for a particular type of piece. A PR is always good news. A PR on a 2K is great news!

Q: How come when I ask my child about practice, (s)he starts spouting off random strings of numbers

A: Honestly, many of us spend over a year just nodding our heads and trying to judge from our child’s expression whether we should look happy or sympathetic. So your child probably says something like: “We did 2 times 3K and for the last 500 of the second piece I pulled a 2:15:8.” Or “we did 5 by 5’s and I broke 2”.

When the kids practice indoors on the erg, the coaches instruct them to do sets of exercises (called “pieces”) that are either to see how fast (s)he can do a preset distance or how much distance (s)he can cover in a given amount of time. Usually a piece is done multiple times in a single practice with short rests in between.

See you Saturday and if I don't have a great Spring Break!

Go Eagles!

Kim Sievert

Rowing Parent Coordinator


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