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Double Dual Regatta Tomorrow

Hi all rowing families,

There are just a few things. For States you must have the same number of volunteers per number of races. We needed 10 and we have 10 volunteers. A special "Thank You" to John Gallo, Mark LaBorde, Matthew Thompson, Jason Centrella (for two slots), Wyke Hampton, Laura Leigh Haynes, Joe Ryals, Kit Washburn, & Kevin Bodge. You guys are awesome!!!

Tomorrow's regatta

Thank you for all our parent volunteers. We only have three more slots to fill. We REALLY need two more to help load the trailer today from 3:15-4:15 and one to update the race board from 1-2:30 tomorrow. We are loading early today to avoid the 5 o'clock traffic. If you can help, please sign up and if you can't sign up and find yourself free, please stop by.

Kids need to arrive at 7:30am Saturday morning..setup volunteers 7:15. The coaches want to have food & drinks available right away for the kids. They are putting the dock together and it's hard work.

Kids need water bottles!!! We provide gatorade and big jugs of water and ice. There are a number of experienced racers that keep forgetting their water bottles. Please remind your kids.

Hotels for OARS and Facebook

If you are looking for a hotel room for OARS, there are a couple of people that had made reservations at the hotel where the kids are staying and can't go now. This hotel usually has a two night stay minimum because of spring break, but they made an exception for us. If you want a room, please check Facebook ESJ rowing site. They posted the info there. If you don't have Facebook and you need a room, let me know. Also on Facebook ESJ rowing, a number of you have posted selling or needing something you purchased from Bakers or Boathouse. Check it out.

Past Dinner

Tonight is the first pasta dinner. Pickup is 6:30ish for all rowers. Text your kids to see when they're ready.


Last week my son had a pair of Nike sunglasses walk off at the Boathouse. He had put them down up high by some oars when he was asked to help with something upstairs. When he got back, someone else's glasses were there. Both middle school and upper school kids were practicing that day. Could you please ask your child if they might of accidentally picked up Alan's glasses. He needs them for rowing. Thanks.

Parent Dinner at States in Sarasota

Last year during the States Regatta in Sarasota, Episcopal celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary Gala on campus. Since we couldn’t attend, we decided to have a team parents dinner and enjoy our own celebration. We had such a great time at the quaint Italian restaurant, that we're planning to do it again this year. An evite will go out sometime later in the month.

Next week Middle school regatta

Next week the upper boats leave for Orlando and the middle school boats will have their own regatta at the boathouse. We are working on a few fun things for the middle school team. Since I won't be there, I am hoping to recruit one or two people to take some candid pictures of our awesome MS team. Please contact me if you can help. A special signup genius will go out to the MS parents early next week for the regatta.

Bakers Sports Orders

Just spoke to Bakers Sports. They are hoping to have the couple of backordered hats here by Thursday. There is no update on the maroon items that are backordered.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thanks and see you tomorrow. Go Eagles!!!

Kim Sievert

Rowing Parent Coordinator (904)631-6335

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