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February Rowing Newsletter

Hi all rowing parents,

Thank you for making the 1st Annual Blessing of the Fleet successful. It was quite a scene with beautiful balloons by Blenda (say that 5 times fast), cool name tags by Carole, and delightful decorations from Laura Leigh. Pictures of the event can be found by clicking here.

Regatta Waiver - Deadline: ASAP

An online waiver needs to be completed for any rower who did not compete in the fall of 2016. This waiver is to allow your son/daughter to race in the spring events we are attending. No signature then no racing.

Instructions for Regatta Waiver

Go to the link below. Use the drop down menu to find our school name = JACKSONVILLE EPISCOPAL SCHOOL. Fill in students proper name, date of birth and select the boxes. It takes no more than 2 minutes. Do not use nick name and please note that the month and day are backwards for "Date of Birth."

Name Tags: Deadline Thursday Feb 16

Our new name tags rock. Almost everyone has ordered one. We even have grandparents wearing them. There were even a number of positive comments from visitors about how great we looked as a team. The company making our name tags has offered to do a second batch for us at the same discounted price of $7.50 each. After this order, you will have to wait until next spring to purchase a name tag.

The order link has been added to our rowing website, click here. Select "Name Tag Orders" and fill out one form per name tag. After you complete all of your orders, you can pay two ways, through PayPal or a check. We prefer PayPal, since it's quick and easy. If you cannot pay through PayPal, please drop your check off to the ESJ Welcome Center by mid morning Thursday. They have an envelope and will collect your payment. Please tell them that the check is for the rowing name tags. Please make the checks out to "Carole Daniel." You must have a PayPal account to pay by PayPal. If paying by PayPal, DO NOT SELECT "Goods and Services". You don't need insurance. Deadline to order a name tag is this Thursday Feb 16. There is no school on Friday and they need the order by Monday to make the name tags by our first regatta.

Name Tag Magnetic White Board

There were a number of emails regarding how to pick up your name tags. Laura Leigh purchased a magnetic white board to hold our new magnetic name tags. We will bring the white board to every regatta. You can pick up your name tag when you get to the regatta and replace it when you leave. This way you will never forget it or lose it. Of course, they are yours and you can take them home if you like.

Parent Shirts

Parent rowing shirts are in. I need three volunteers to help sort and bag the shirts this Wednesday at 9am at the Buck. I also need two volunteers to take them to the Boathouse Wednesday at 5:15 to distribute them. Once you receive your order, please verify it. If you are missing a shirt or think you have the wrong shirt size, please check your order confirmation first. If there is still a problem, please contact me.


We have three rowing informational sites:

1. Friends of Jacksonville Episcopal Rowing website, click here. This website is open to the public. It's for parents, alumni, and prospective rowers. Under "Rowing News" you will find recent informational emails that have been sent out by the coaches or myself. On the "Home" page, you can find the schedule, our first regatta count down, practice information, and our short rowing video of our kids. This website also offers, rowing photos & videos, collegiate rower information, ESJ's proud history, and rowing terms & traditions.

2. ESJ Rowing on Facebook, click here. This Facebook group is private. Only ESJ rowers and their families can access this Facebook group. This site is a great place to post rowing pictures, regatta results, offer information about hotels, share uniform info, talk about carpooling and other ESJ rowing interests. This site is NOT where you voice grievances, post negative comments about other rowers, coaches or parents. If you are not already in this group and belong to FB, please join.

3. Episcopal School of Jacksonville Rowing Team on Facebook, click here. This group is public. The school, coaches and some parents post rowing items here.

Customized Stretch Fitted Tablecloth

The rowing team is looking to invest in a customized stretch fitted tablecloth. It is reusable and would display our team logo and name. We are currently looking at ESJ Corporate sponsors. We would like to use an ESJ family business. If you know of one, please contact Aronson Kagiliery at

Random rowing information

My child has gotten terrible blisters. What should she/he do?

Blisters are a part of rowing. We have found the best care tactic is to keep them clean and leave them uncovered during the season. Blisters turn into callouses and are not a frequent issue once your child has been rowing for a while. If a blister is raw and open, try to keep it dry and put antibiotic ointment on it to keep it from becoming infected, a great but painful treatment is a liquid bandage (can find at any drug store), it burns while going on but creates a new layer of skin and it will feel better almost instantly. Another technique includes holding a damp teabag on the blister. The tea seems to act as a sort of anesthetic (the tannic acid) as well as hardener (especially for that really tender first day of a blister rip). Do not wash or wipe hands after application. Some staining will occur, but it will wash off eventually. (Information gathered from rowing websites and very experienced rowers)

My child said a teammate caught a crab today. What does this mean?

When a rower says that someone “caught a crab” they are describing a mis-stroke in which the rower is unable to release the oar blade from the water and the oar blade acts as a brake on the boat. Because the boat is still moving the handle of the oar tends to come back with some force and the rower will often end up lying flat in the boat. It can be difficult for the rower to get the oar back into position until the boat has slowed sufficiently and reduced the pressure on the blade. See "Rowing Terms" on our website for additional information.

I hope you find this information helpful and have a great week. Go Eagles!

Kim Sievert

Rowing Parent Coordinator


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