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Girl's Practice January 23rd-27th

Dear Girls Parents,

Practice and training is progressing nicely and we will be getting on the water more frequently, beginning this week. I am hoping we are through the illnesses and able to be more consistent with the group. Please note the team sleepover this Friday at the boathouse.

Here is this weeks plan and pick up times. Please be prompt and also note that Middle School practice begins Tuesday at the Boathouse so pick up will be more crowded. Please form a line and text your child if you are on site. 23rd Monday Boathouse 6x10' Erg done at 5:30 24th Tuesday Semmes Gym and track. Lift & Run Done at 5:15 Tuesday beginning at 5:30pm there will be an info session at the boathouse for parents of NEW rowers. It will conclude by 6:15pm at the latest.

25th Wednesday Boathouse Erg & Run Dualathlon done at 5:30 26th Thursday Boathouse Row & Body Circuit Done by 5:45 27th Friday Boathouse Row & Erg done by 5:45

This is the girls team sleepover. I will be taking suggestions from the girls as to what they want to order for dinner.

Bring- sleeping bag, pad, pillow, phone charger etc.

Please let me know if you have questions. The sleepover has been a yearly tradition going back many years for the girls and a good team bonding night. Coaches will be staying overnight as well to chaperone.

28th Saturday Row & Lift/Body Circuit 8:30am to 11am

Go Eagles!

Coach Mike Alton

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