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Spring Season is Here!

Hello parents,

Spring is here, no matter what it felt like yesterday. The boys, and there are a lot of them (52), are back and working very hard. At this point in the season, we will be erging on Tuesday and Thursday. On Monday and Wednesday, we will take a technique row followed by some body circuits. On Friday we will be very flexible with what we do, but will have practice. For the next few weeks, we will not be practicing on Saturday. Pick up time is 5:45. I will try very hard to have them ready to go at that time, and would appreciate it if you could pick them up by then.

Coach O'Keefe and I are very excited about this group and have been very pleased with all that they did in the fall and with the work that they are doing now. They are coming together as a team and we are getting ready to go racing.

Pete Washburn, Head Boy's Rowing Coach

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