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Regatta Waivers & Fees | Baker's Sports Update

Dear Parents,

Three important items to bring to your attention and one is an action item I need you to complete ASAP.

1) I need an online waiver completed for any rower who did not compete in the fall of 2016. This is to allow your son/daughter to race in the spring events we are attending. No signature then no racing. If you are unclear, fill it out again. See below.....



Use the drop down menu and find school our name listed as JACKSONVILLE EPISCOPAL. Fill in students proper name, date of birth and click the boxes. It takes no more than 2 minutes. Do not use nick name. Please do this now if your child did not race this fall. 2) Team REGATTA FEE

This spring at our home and away regattas the parent team and volunteers will feed upwards of 136 rowers throughout the day. To cover the cost of food for Friday Pasta Dinners, at the regattas and to eliminate the constant ask for food donations, we will be charging the student accounts for the spring season. Any remaining balance at the end of the season will be used to lower the cost of the end of the season Team Banquet, like last year. All money collected will be held in a dedicated school account and used specifically for food and regatta supplies as needed.

Upper School Fee $110

Middle School Fee $55

If you have any questions, please ask Kim.

3) Online Team Orders

Bakers Sports is experiencing a delay, through Under Armour, on receiving the Maroon Short and Long Sleeve T-shirts. They will be sending us Dark Gray in the short term to have in time for racing and then will also send us a second order of the original Maroon. You will get two of the shirts for the price of one at no extra cost.

The Boathouse Sports order is on time and will arrive to you by February 24th, according to our Team Rep.

Thank You, Coach Alton

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