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April 27, 2017


There have been a few changes that I would like to pass along to everyone.  

Boys Boat change

Due to a few injuries on the M4V 8+ boat, they are changing the boat to a JrV4+ boat.  Their race time will be around 1:30.  Coach Alton is in the process of updating the current schedule.  I will attach what I have.  Please note that as soon as the revised schedule comes out, I will send out to you.

Hotel changes

Due to 4 boys not going to states, there maybe a few parents that may have rooms they don't need anymore.  If you do, please send a note out on the rowing Facebook site before canceling.  The rooms are hard to come by.  I know a few of you were looking.

Parent dinner

Due to the late race times of two of our boats, we are moving the parent dinner back 30 minutes.  There will be cocktails & appetizers from 6-7 and dinner from 7-9.  Saks closes at 9, but they will keep open a little while for us. You must RSVP to attend.  There is limited space.

Pasta dinn...

April 27, 2017

Good evening rowing family.  

Well it is almost here.  The boys are almost ready.  Every day they are a bit closer.  I think that they are all excited with the opportunity to go racing this weekend.  It has been fun watching them build up over these last 3 weeks.

There have been a few changes.  Because of injuries, the 4th boat will not be able to row as an eight.  Instead, we hope to enter a Junior 4.  This will give them the chance for a lot of racing.  That boat will have the following boys.

Bow:  Thomas Brumback,   2:  Aaron Huang    3:  Parker Joyce    Stroke:  Mark Parent    Cox:  Copper Lindsey  

Spare:  Johnny Rukab  ( we plan to get Johnny in at least one of the races)

So let's hope for fair weather and following seas, or at least a tailwind.  It will be fun.  The boats are all moving well and there is a very positive feeling in the boathouse.  

April 26, 2017

Hi upper school rowing parents,

Sarasota Regatta Dinner for parents and siblings will be at Sophie’s at Saks Fifth Avenue located on the second floor at The Mall at University Town Center.  The mall is adjacent to Nathan Benderson Park and is about 14 miles from the hotel. 

Feel free to gather at Sophie’s Bar for a cocktail, beer, wine and conversation at 5:30. Dinner begins at 6:30 pm.  The chef has created a special menu for the evening.  They have graciously allowed us to have individual checks and will not charge a service fee.   We will have the whole place to ourselves.  ESJ only.  

The only downside to the event is the size.  We can only fit 56 people into Sophie's for a sit down dinner.   We have had to limit our number.  Right now we have 52 people signed up as a yes.  We have room for three more.  If you are interested and don't get into one of the last three spots, please sign up as a maybe.  If anyone drops out, we can add you in.  Even if yo...

April 25, 2017

Hi upper school rowing parents,

The 2017 FSRA State Sweep Championship is almost here. Here are some important details.  They will leave for Sarasota at 10:30am on Friday from ESJ.  They are trying to limit their stops, so the kids will need to pack a bagged lunch and full water bottle.  They will also need their water bottles for practice on Friday in Sarasota.  There will be additional waters and snacks on the buses. I will send out a reminder closer to the time. They will head down to the Nathan Benderson Park, to register, rig the boats, and practice.  THE KIDS NEED THEIR SCHOOL ID TO REGISTER AND ROW.  They will check into the hotel around 5:30-6, eat some Carrabbas and rest for the big weekend.

Saturday the races start at 8 am and the last race we could possible race in is at 4:42pm. The boys have five boats, 1V, 2V, 3V, 4V, and Freshman 8.  The girls have four boats, 1V, 2V, Jr8 and Fresh 8.  Attached is the preliminary schedule.  When...

April 20, 2017

Hi all rowing parents,  

There will be a few changes to the end of the year rowing banquet this season.  Our team has grown so much that we can't fit the whole team and their families into the Buck.  This year we will have to divide the team into a middle school banquet and an upper school banquet. Middle school banquet is for any middle schooler who rowed under Coach Wandel.  If you had a middle schooler rowing up on an upper school boat, then they go to the upper school banquet.  

They are looking into having an ice cream social banquet at the boathouse for the 43 middle school rowers.  Coach Wandel will hand out awards and there will be a rowing video.  Coach Wandel is working on the date and time of the middle school banquet and will reach out to you.  Aronson Kagiliery will be assisting Coach Wandel with the event. 

The upper school banquet time and date have not changed.  It will still be held at the Buck Wednesday, May 3 from 6-8pm.  An evite will go o...

April 5, 2017

Hi all rowing parents.  

Sorry for the delay with the signup genius.  The site is having issues and I can't access any signups.  As soon as it is up, I will send one out.  I need 5 people who can prep the food for Saturday's regatta.  You can either prep the food and bring to the boathouse Friday morning for loading onto the trailer or bring down for Saturday's regatta.  The items will be ready to be picked up tomorrow, Thursday, after practice.  You can find the food on the wall with your name.  

 Regatta facts:

  • The final schedule is attached

  • The site will open at 6:30am Saturday.

  • The address for the regatta is The Tampa Bypass Canal address is 7115 N. 301, Tampa, FL, 33617

  • You will park at 7601 US-301, Tampa, FL 33637 and will be directed by the Boy Scouts

  • There will be a $5 donation per vehicle to the Boy Scouts, so please have your families plan on that.

  • There will be no vendors on site, so bring everything you need with...

April 5, 2017

Hi upper school rowing parents,

What a wonderful weekend!  First, we recognized 21 great seniors and then we won the FSRA North Regional Championship!  What a beautiful senior recognition ceremony!  Laura Leigh Haynes made the most beautiful flower arrangements for the seniors and Blenda Berrier's balloon arrangements really made the event.  Blenda's company, Balloon and Event Construction Company, has been providing balloons for every ESJ sports senior recognition for years. It was special for her to actually make them for her son Alec's senior recognition ceremony.  I don't know about you, but I had my tears under control until it was Chandler's turn to be recognized by his dad, Coach Washburn. What an event.  For those of you who missed it.  We only lost Cities by 2 points.  The trophy ceremony at the end of the day was great.  We took the Men's Varsity 1, Women's Varsity 1, Women's Four, and North FL Regional Championship. ESJ looked really good....

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April 27, 2017

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